Automated work place of the system administrator

Application “Automated work place of the system administrator” is intended for control of operation and maintaining of operability of self-service terminals and software-technical complex of “Automated work place of a cashier” ASA SPC.

Application “Automated work place of the system administrator” has the following functions:

  • User’s authorization by login and password
  • Monitoring of technical devices operation (database server, automated work place of a cashier, self-service terminals, network equipment and data transfer channels)
  • Notification of the system administration (alarms) of the necessity to take quick measures in order to maintain operability of the system components (necessity to change consumables, channels of communication problems etc)
  • Technical reporting (statistics) on the basis of specified schedule


Requirement for hardware and software

Requirements for hardware

Application “Automated work place of the system administrator” functions at the operating station of automated work place of the system administrator, realized at the basis of PC-compatible computer.

Technical characteristics of operating stations of automated work place system administrator:

  • Processor Pentium Core2Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Online storage capacity of 1 Gigabyte
  • HDD 80 Gigabyte
  • Netcard Ethernet 100Mbps
  • Screen 17” with resolution 1280х1024


Requirements for software

For correct operation of application “Automated work place of system administrator” the working station should have the following software installed and correctly configured:

  • Operating system MS Windows XP Professional SP2 (or higher)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Security and authenticity certificates with closed keys
  • Antivirus software NOD32


Level of user’s awareness

Automated work place of system administrator is intended for personnel, having primary knowledge of working with personal computer in operating system Windows XP. Special knowledge is not required.