Automated work place of higher level (ASA SPC)

Automated work place of higher level of complex ASA SPC is intended for system operation control, record of reports, making up statistics of SPC operation, as well as for reference data actualization. Automated work place of higher level is needed for management of SPC.

Main function of Automated work place of higher level of ASA SPC

  • User’s authorization by login and password with relative regulation of shared access rights and full functional of automated work place;
  • Actualization and administration of reference data, which secures the operation of ASA SPC in general;
  • Providing with analytical and statistical reports on sales and transportation with specified frequency, division on certain categories and necessary granularity;
  • Activation, registration and administration of contactless smart-cards;
  • System security control, certification administration;
  • Monitoring of technical devices operation (database server, automated work place of a cashier, self-service terminals, network equipment and data transfer channels);
  • Providing with technical reports in specified forms;
  • Control of working schedule of ticket-offices and efficiency control;
  • Management of primary data input;
  • Monitoring and control of automated procedure of data transfer to ASA “Express-3”.

Sequence of operating functions in automated system

Access to system data and functions is ranged under the type of automated work place.

Below you will find automated operations and operation place

  • Formation and input of fares into the system (fares management) – automated work place of database administrator
  • Issuing of travel documents – automated work place of a cashier, software terminal
  • Depersonalized issuing of documents for cash/credit cards
  • Personalized issuing of documents, including by SMART-cards
  • Control of passengers control to suburban trains (turnstile unit) – module ASKD
Managing and analytical functions:
  • Automated record of all sale operations in the company
  • Automated generation of reporting for all departments of the company
Automated work place of a manager: information about sales in terms of the whole system online, with specification of quantitative and financial indices for the actual moment in tabular and graphic form (graphics, diagrams, bar charts), examples of which you will find below.
Automated work place of financial accounting: control of cash flow in ASPPB and encashment.
Automated work place of calculation and reporting: statistics control of ticket sales and analytical reports on passenger transportation.
Automated work place of database administrator: control of data reference actualization (fares, schedules, discounts etc).
Automated work place of system administrator: control of operation of all components of the system and offsite devices.
Automated work place of issuing cards: control and issuing of personalized transport cards.

Automated data exchange between the existing system and

  • System “Express-3”
  • Human resources managements programs
  • Financial accounting programs
Pic.1. Information from automated work place about passenger traffic at the specified sector of SPC
Pic.2. Sector report


Pic.3. Report on train occupancy


Pic.4. Bar chart of directions of passenger traffic


Pic.5. Statistics on trains per station


Pic.6. Report on daily loading distribution