Biosmart Box


Description of Biosmart Box

Biosmart Box is meant for organized storage of equipment for administrative and personal usage, organizing of safe storage of securities, storage and distribution of government-issue weapons and valuable technological equipment. Access to cells is possible through fingerprints or a user plastic card.

Module Biosmart-Box consists of 4 cells, each provided with electromagnet lock, closing sensor, optional sensor of volume, as well as a socket 220V, controlled by given instruction. Modules Biosmart-Box are connected through interface RS-485 to the controller Biosmart. It is possible to connect up to 32 modules Biosmart-Box to one controller Biosmart, i.e. to organize access to 128 safe cells. The quantity of controllers in the system Biosmart is unlimited.

It is possible to change the dimensions of the cells per clients request.


Functions of Biosmart-Box

  • Storage of technological equipment
  • Storage of government-issue weapons
  • Storage of cash-registers
  • Depositary cells
  • Storage of securities
  • Storage of administrative and personal things of users

Characteristics of Biosmart-Box

  • Access to a separate cell is possible by fingerprint of a user of the system Biosmart
  • Solid metallic shock-resistant case with steel thickness 2 mm
  • Control of open and closed condition of the door of the safe
  • Control of opening of the safe with the help of volume sensor (*optional)
  • Indication of emergency incidents
  • Possibility to install the socket 220 V in every cell, turning on the voltage per certain request (*optional)
  • Possibility to connect to the wall or frame
  • Modularity of BiosmartBox allows to add the number of cells in the system
  • BiosmartBox works under control of controller Biosmart being part of CSAC Biosmart

Characteristics of software Biosmart-Box

  • Access of a user to a cell by fingerprints or cards
  • Record-keeping of access to the cells, limited access in terms of time zones and lists of days
  • Record of emergency incidents
  • Control of time when the cell is open

Technical characteristics of Biosmart-Box

Maximum number of fingerprints 4500
aximum number of events 12800
Time zones 64 time groups, 5 intervals for every day, 32 holidays
Fingerprints scanner Capacitive, optical
Probability of invalid access FAR No more than 0,0001%
Probability of erroneous refusal in access FFR No more than 0,01 %
Identification time  1:1000 No more than 1 sec
Size of fingerprint data 256 – 384 byte
Interface of connection RS485 115200 byte/sec
Interface of connection Ethernet (*optional) 10/100 Mbit/sec
Wiegand-26 interface 1 login, 1 logout
Nonvolatile memory for the record-keeping Yes
Ciphering data key 256 byte AES
Power, maximum consumption 12 V of direct current 250 mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 75x75x54 mm
Temperature range 0 to +50°С

Optional from -40°С  to +50 °С

Sensor of opening of the frame yes