Automated system of administration of Suburban Passenger Company (ASA SPC)

ZAO “Group of companies ISKANDER” is a supplier of the program-technical complex “ASA SPC” and is responsible for adoption and technical support of this system on proving grounds of railways all over Russian Federation. On target it is planned to cover proving grounds of railways of CIS and the near abroad. Software-hardware complex “ASA SPC” allows to automatize  the process of control of suburban passenger companies, beginning from sale of tickets and control of passage and finishing with complex analytical reports in graphics and tables for the management of suburban passenger companies. At the present moment the complex is the only one of its kind on the territory of CIS. “ASA SPC” due to concept “Complex control of quality (ISO 9000)” allows suburban passenger companies to go to a higher level in passenger service. Automation allows a suburban passenger company to:

  • Increase working efficiency
  • Cut material costs and costs for salary budget at the expense of optimization of operating regime of stationary cash-registers and number of cashiers
  • Cut material costs and costs for salary budget at the expense of optimization of functions and number of workers of Main Guard Directorate
  • Increase quality of service
  • Eliminate the queues to the ticket-offices, implement 24-hour service

ZAO “Group of companies ISKANDER” is constantly working on the future development and improvement of this project; it is actively widening the range of automated services given to passengers. Main functions of ASA SPC:

  • Issuing of travel documents for suburban trains through client devices (terminals of self-service, stationary ticket-offices), including issuing of single tickets for multidirectional destinations;
  • Online record-keeping of sales, made in one database (per station and per kilometer) and making up records with unconventional frequency, group-making per requested criteria and necessary depth of specification;
  • Maintenance in actual condition of the database of reference data (fares, schedules, discounts, etc), automation of functions of input and change of reference data, automatic update of software of client devices (terminals of self-service, stationary cash-registers, information offices);
  • Online tracing of cash transfer in the system;
  • Prevention of unauthorized (unpaid) boarding the suburban trains – organization of passing to the suburban trains through the line of turnstiles using travel documents issued by client devices (terminals of self-service, stationary cashiers), as well as passes, issued on the base of contactless cards.

Advantages of ASA SPC:

Advantages for passengers:

  • Quick and comfortable purchase of a ticket;
  • Elimination of queues to the ticket-offices;
  • Elimination of overcrowdings of trains;
  • Generally accessible and actual schedule;
  • Payment for public utilities (housing and communal services, communications service);
  • Comfortable ways of payment;
  •  24-hour service;
  • Train + bus = single ticket.

Advantages for carriers:

  • Every operation is made online;
  • Quick management solutions;
  • Optimization of transport network;
  • Increase in efficiency;
  • Compatibility with social regional maps;
  • Additional income;
  • Short term of cost recovery;
  • Compatibility with all bar codes, used by OAO “Russian RailWays”.

Structure of ASA SPC


With respect to the passengers the suggested system consists of 2 functional modules:

  • Automated system of selling tickets for suburban trains. It includes automated work places of cashiers, self-service terminals, automated work places of travelling cashiers and information offices (conditionally). The main function of this module is issuing travel documents (tickets) for suburban trains and information support of passengers (train schedule, fares, availability of tickets, duration of the trip, news of the suburban passenger company etc.)
  • System of control of access to suburban trains. It is the set of pass-throughblocks, each consisted of a range of turnstiles and an automated work place of the turnstile concentrator. The main function of this module is organization of the pass using travel documents for suburban trains, issued by self-service terminals and complexes “automated work place of cashier”, being part of ASA SPC.

Functions of the system of selling tickets

  • Issuing of travel documents (tickets) for suburban trains by self-service terminals and stationary ticket offices
  • Storage of full information on selling tickets in one database with periodical archiving
  • Recording of free of charge trips with the division on types of discounts
  • Recording of income with the division on types of income
  • Recording of income in respect of every station in railway connections and storage of this data in the server of the system
  • Secure transfer of all reports to the server of the system in compliance with law requirements
  • Execution of payments for mobile communications, internet, public services and other using self-service terminals and build-in payment systems
  • Recording of register ETT OAO “Russian RailWays” and contactless smart-cards of workers of OAO “Russian RailWays” in the server of the system
  • Update of reference database (fares, schedules, discounts, etc). The system allows to effect automation of all functions, connected with: introduction and change of fares, introduction and change of trains schedule, introduction of new routes and cancellation of old ones, introduction of time cancellations and restrictions on train operation.
  • Centralized administration and automated update of reference data and software of the system clients (terminals, stationary ticket offices).
  • Generation of recording of transportation of passengers using reduced price tickets for mutual settlement of accounts. Reduced fare tickets are sold and issued in automated and personalized way. All data about selling tickets goes automatically to the database of the system server
  • Generation of recording for management personnel, group of calculation and recording, accounting department of the company.
  • On-line control of cash transfer in the system.
  • Compatibility with transport and social maps of Russia

The system contains all information on operation of selling/purchasing tickets, reports of system devices about errors, and other administration data. This full information allows on one side to get any analytical records for intellectual planning of company’s activities, and on the other side to plan the schedule of maintenance of the system, as encashment and other periodical operations and to react efficiently on any contingencies and errors in device operations. Input of fares to the system is effected from originals of approved fare schedules in writing.

Functions of ASAC

  • Organization of pass-through using travel documents for suburban trains, issued by self-service terminals and complexes of automated work place of cashier, being part of ASA SPC
  • Organization of pass-through using special badges of railways station workers, issued on the basis of BSK Mifare
  • Elimination of unauthorized (unpaid) boarding the suburban trains
  • Collection, archiving, structurization of data about journeys of the passengers, who issued their travel documents with ASA SPC
  • Periodical reporting for automated work place of the system administrator, being part of the system ASA SPC

Hierarchy of the system ASA SPC for the passenger company

Access to information and system functions is ranged like automated work place (AWP). AWP of higher level answers for management, control of the system operation and getting reports from AWP of lower level. AWP of higher level is responsible for:

  • automated calculation of all selling operations in the company
  • automated generation of reports for departments and services of the company

AWP of lower level is responsible for issuing of travel documents and documents of control of passengers, all documents being divided into categories.

AWP of higher level includes:

AWP of the manager: online information about sales in terms of the whole system with specification of quantitative and financial indices for the present moment in tabular and graphic form (graphics, diagrams, bar charts). AWP of financial accounting: control of assets transfer in ASA SPC and encashment. AWP of groups of calculation and reporting: statistics on selling the tickets and issuing analytical reports on the passengers journeys. AWP of the database administrator: update of reference data (fares, schedules, discounts etc). AWP of the system administrator: control of operation of all components of the system and peripheral units. AWP of issuing cards: registration and issuing personalized travel cards.

System ASA SPC is completely compatible with ASA “Express”