Self-service terminals

terminalRecently JSC “GС “ISKANDER”, has launched a chain of self-service terminals as part of the passengers comfort improvement project.

Suburban trains tickets selling terminals -is an automate cashier the size of less than 1 square meter (with several modifications available – on-the-floor type (E-102, E-102M) and on-the-wall type (E-103).

The terminal allows the passenger: –    To buy all types of tickets for suburban trains in a self-service regime, including the tickets for top comfort trains with places booked (and also full-price passes, reduced-price passes, cashless- or transport card-paid passes). The purchase may be made in any favorable time but no less than 10 days before the trip. –    To get updated on-line with information on trains schedule on the route chosen –    To make payments (mobile services, internet, municipal services, etc.). This function shall be extra installed on the terminal.

All the terminals are equipped with fiscal data recorders and correspond to all the rules and regulations of the Russian Federation. The tickets and cash receipts are printed with a unique bar-code on thermal paper rolls. The latest fraud-protected bar-code OAO “Russian Railways” invented by OAO “Infotex” is merely invincible to tampering which makes the terminals safe from the automatized break-ins and fraud.

For the present moment many Iskander terminals have been already put into successful operation on the stations and stops of the Sverdlovsk suburban trains company, Chernozemye suburban trains company,  Volgo-Viatskaya trains company. Other companies are working on installing the terminals on their routes too. We plan to place the terminals in the malls, shops, universities, underground stations and other public places.

Self-service terminal’s specification: 1.    Technical parameters

  • Metal frame
  • Dimensions
  • Models E-102, E-102M  – 1571*505*397,5
  • Model E-103 – 743*440*232
  •  Weight: Models E-102, E-102M  – up to 150 kilogram; Model E-103 – up to 32,5 kilograms
  • External current supply of 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Internal uninterrupted power supply unit
  • Working temperatures from +10 to +50 degrees С.

2.    Functions

  • Ticket’s purchase, including advanced booking
  • Purchase of reduces-price tickets, passes and season tickets for the OAO “Russian Railways” workers as well as those enjoying OAO “RZD” discounts.
  • Works with 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 ruble notes
  • Accepts 1, 2, 5, 10 ruble coins (only for model E-102M)
  • Commissioning with 1, 2, 5, 10 ruble coins (only for model E-102M) with the hoppers available for adjustment for commissioning the coins in any combinations needed.
  • Note-authenticity check function with anti-note sticking system
  • System of control of the amount of notes and coins available in the terminal
  • Cashless operation on bank cards function (if the bank card reader and pin-insert keys are extra installed)
  • Information desk function. All the data on the suburban trains is available, including the on-line schedules with all the updates on cancellations and delays (if the ASA SPS is installed).
  • Data reports on the terminal operations to the ASA “Express” (is the ASA SPS is installed).
  • Calculation and storage of the data on the tickets sold, electronic control book keeping, storage of statistics and financial data for the reports and print (is the ASA SPS is installed).
  • Additional reports may be programmed in accordance with the owner’s needs (is the ASA SPS is installed).

The terminal’s functions may be extended (in the frame of the ASA SPS), which allows to widen the range of services for passengers to improve their comfort. To the date the function of on-line train schedule with all the latest limitations and changes has been successfully put into operation.

 E-102M General View

The upper frame of the E-102M Terminal. The cash register machine, the notes safe and notes receiver with the note cassette.


E-103 General ViewThe contents of the E-103 Terminal. The cash register machine, the notes receiver, the UPS.