Operating time control Biosmart-WorkTime

Efficient control of operating time is one of the key factors of a modern company success. System BioSmart simplifies this task, which all managers or human resources specialists work at. It helps to automate process of operating time control of workers and provide the accounting and human resources departments with actual information about time of presence of every worker at the work place.

Biometric system BioSmart is a reliable way to control the operating time. Fingerprint is a unique characteristic of a person. In comparison with keys, simple or electronic passes, it is impossible to lose your fingerprint or leave it at home, imitate or transfer to another person. Therefore system BioSmart, scanning fingerprints, is the most reliable identification method and it has wide opportunities to calculate the operating time.
Biometric system BioSmart is exact and error-free. Arriving to the work place, a worker presses his/ her finger to scanner. He does it, leaving the work place, too. BioSmart recognizes the worker and puts his/her personal data into the database. Errors and failures are excluded.

BioSmart reports on the operating time of workers. The system suggests to choose preferable way of reporting – for example, about operating time, late arrivals, early departures, medical leaves, actual presence of workers on their work places. As a result managers, dispatchers, secretaries can always be aware of actual information about workers. It is possible to set preferable parameters with the help of Guide of making reports.

BioSmart controls the operation of offsite offices of a company.  System BioSmart provides with the most exact description of work time – even if your company has offices in different cities and countries! Network architecture of the system (Client-Server) allows to control the operation of offsite offices on-line.

BioSmart is integrated with specialized programs. Database of BioSmart is essential for salary accounting or impositions of fines. For the sake of convenience of human resources or accounting departments, all information can be transferred directly to programs MS Excel, 1S-Accounting or form T-13.

Example of adoption of the operating time control system in OAO “SPK”