Automated work place of a cashier

arm_kassiraAutomated work place of a cashier is a hardware-software complex, which consists of a personal computer, offsite devices necessary for operation of the system and fiscal registrar PRIM-08K. Software part of client’s software “Automated work place of a cashier” is installed at automated work place of a cashier.
Complex allows to effect the suburban train tickets sale and record primary statistics and accounting reporting of ticket-offices cashiers.

Structure of automated work place of a cashier

Automated work place of a cashier consists of:

  • Personal computer of a primary level
  • Fixed program module, being part of ASA PSC “Automated work place of a cashier”, with functions to issue all types of travel documents
  • System of offsite devices of input and output of information (keyboard, manipulator like “mouse”, screen LCD)
  • Devices of connection to public access networks (netcard, GPRS with watchdog timer/CDMA)
  • Fiscal registrar PRIM-08K

 Fiscal registrar PRIM-08K

Main functions and description of PRIM-08K

  • For trade, including sale of goods with issuing of sale-receipt
  • For different types of services, including air transportation
  • For oil and gas trade
  • For hotels and restaurants


Pic.1 Fiscal registrar PRIM-08K

Technical characteristics of  PRIM-08K

Characteristics of fiscal registrar
  • Fiscal memory: 3424 replaceable notes
  • Fiscalisation / re-registration number: 5
  • Activation number: 20
  • Interface of exchange with storage device and electronic cash register: 12 S
  • Programmed cliche: 6×40 symblos
  • Programmed passwords: 16 categories
  • Information safety with power down: not less than 10 years
  • Cash registers: 16 categories (maximum)
  • Cash registers, total: 18 categories
Printing principle: Thermoprinting
Symbol matrix: Font A, Font B
Print speed:  100 mm / 31 lines a second
Paper tape:
  • Paper width: 80 mm/58 mm
  • Print width: 72/50,8mm
Maximum number of symbols in a line: 40 symbols
Print resource: Printing head: 60 mln. lines
Dimensions: 142x132x199 mm
Mass 1,4 kg
Interface  of connection with personal computer: RS-232C zero-modem; Centronics, USB (via additional external adaptor)
Additional functions: Connectionwithcashbox(Header RJ12, consumption 24 V)




  • First in RF time-proved fiscal registrar with cash-register
  • High-speed (31 lines a second)  noiseless thermoprinting of a receipt and bar codes
  • Simple and quick change of receipt paper roll
  • Wide paper roll, which helps to form an informative receipt
  • Compact and light fiscal registrar in Russia
  • Attractive ergonomic design, minimum place occupied
  • Simple and comfortable usage
  • Etc.


Comfortable usage of the given fiscal registrar, being part of ASA SPC has already been estimated by OAO “Sverdlovskayaprigorodnaya company” (Sverdlov and Tyumen region) and OAO “Permskayaprigorodnaya company” (Perm region), OAO “Don-Prigorod” (OAO “SKPPK” from 25.01.2011). OAO “”Severnaya PPK” (from 1.12.2011).